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  • What kind of club is this exactly?
    We are a private members only club We provide several pristine ranges for our members to train freely with their firearms in a safe and respectful manner.
  • Where are you located?
    We are located right outside of Eagle Lake, TX.
  • Who can join?
    We prefer some level of experience shooting given the amount of allowed freedom at our facility. We will hold our members to a high accountability standard when it comes to training safely. Again, we don’t have the typical rules of most other ranges, but when things turn unsafe or negligent, we will intervene.
  • What kind of ranges do you have?
    There is a total of TWELVE ranges at The Ranch TX. Ranges 1-10: pistol/carbine ranges. They vary from 50 yards to 100 yards in both length and width. Including two 360-degree ranges. Range 800: 800-yard Unknown Distance Range with over 30 steel targets on it. There will also be a lateral target mover on this range that can be moved by the staff to different yard lines coming in the near future. Range 1000: 1000-yard Known Distance Range with over 30 pieces of steel and dirt backstops at each yard line. *Range Accommodations: Ranges 800 & 1000 are equipped with the following: - Connex box towers with a concrete deck, canopy cover, and safety railing. - Off-road golf cart *The golf cart is dedicated for the two long ranges. It is meant to be used by members to hang targets, spray paint steel, check targets, etc
  • Do you have any kind of clubhouse?
    We have a 6500 sq. foot lodge that is open to members. -Home theater style couches -75-inch TV with satellite TV -Wi-Fi -Cigar humidors -Wet bar -Complimentary bottled and canned beer (Multiple Selections) -Full kitchen -Dining room -Five bedrooms and several bathrooms on the second floor equipped with turn- down service at the end of your stay. The lodge is designed for the members! We allow members to stay in the lodge overnight if they desire. The five rooms upstairs are ready to use and have fully stocked bathrooms with showers. Not staying the night? You can still relax after shooting, grab a beer, and check the score of the game! You can also smoke a cigar that you have stored in the humidor, if you choose. *Alcohol is a zero-tolerance policy. If you intend to even have a sip of alcohol, you need to treat the lodge as you would a bar. That means absolutely no carrying of weapons or handling them. Furthermore, once you consume alcohol, you are done shooting for 12 hours regardless of how little you consume. **If you are caught handling, carrying or shooting a weapon while you are consuming or consumed within the last 12 hours your membership will be immediately terminated and you will be banned from the facility for life. If you are not drinking, you can bring your guns into the lodge and carry them in a holster as you would anywhere else.
  • Are there strict rules?
    Safety is our main priority at The Ranch TX. If what you are doing is safe, it is likely allowed. We allow drawing from the holster, moving and shooting, running (running and shooting has an extremely limited realistic use), rapid fire, steel targets, etc. Most things that other ranges don’t allow, we allow - no, we aren’t crazy! Most rules adopted by other ranges are a result of institutional inbreeding and adopted because other ranges have those rules. Ranges claim to be in existence for you to practice and be proficient in the use of your firearm, yet don’t allow you to train with it in a way you would use the firearm in real life. Whether police officer, civilian or military - no one draws a gun from a bench and fires one round per second in a deadly force engagement. While we don’t have range officers there all the time, there are cameras and we will conduct periodic checks on members to ensure they are acting in a mature and responsible manner with their training. The cameras aren’t meant to be big brother and won’t be utilized as such, but we will use them to conduct spot checks to ensure compliance and safety. If you are unsafe and acting with negligence, your membership will be revoked. It’s that simple. With great trust, comes great accountability. Train in a mature and safe way and you will be more than welcome at our club.
  • What are the hours of operation?
    There are times we may close certain ranges for events, but we are truly open year-round with no “hours of operation”, which gives you the freedom to choose the time of day that best fits your schedule.
  • How do I access the facility?
    Members will be issued an ID once they enroll that is equipped with a RFID chip. At the gate, you will hold your card up to the reader and the gate will open for you. This goes for all areas of the range that have access points – you will need your ID to unlock the doors.
  • Can I bring friends?
    Each membership level will receive a set number of complimentary guest passes per year. Once you have exceeded your complimentary passes, we do offer guest passes at an additional cost.
  • Do you have caliber restriction?
    .50 caliber and below are allowed. Steel Targets - there will be restrictions on distance with the bigger calibers. A round needs to be under 2800 FPS per second when hitting steel to prevent damage, but there will be guidelines in place advising the distance in order to shoot the steel targets. Paper Targets - the only requirement is a dirt berm behind the target.
  • How do I know I can get onto the range I want when I come, just luck?
    We have a reservation system for members to use, in order to simplify your life. It is an app that you can use on any cellphone that will allow you to see the availability of all ranges and reserve any range for up to 3 hours at a time. Reserving a range only takes about 15 seconds. If you are on the range and approaching the end of your slotted time, and no one else has reserved it, you are able to reserve it for another three hours.
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