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Membership Pricing

**Memberships is currently full**

General Membership

A general membership grants you access to 12 ranges including the two 360 degree ranges, the multiple steel bays, and both the 1000 yard Range and 800 Yard Range. Members also have access to the lodge.

-Year-Round Range Access

-App-Based Reservation System

-Guest Passes

Cost: $97/month or $1164/annually (Taxes not included)

One time initiation fee: $100

Family Add-On

This will upgrade your membership to a Family Membership. This cost is not per person, but rather for the entire family. 


Family is defined as spouse and any children 7-17 years of age. Anyone else outside these parameters requires their own membership or the utilization of a guest pass.


**Children under 7 years of age are not allowed in the facility*

Cost: $20.83/month or $250/annually (Taxes not included)

This cost is added on top of your baseline membership

The first step to joining is to complete the membership application below. While the Membership is at capacity, completing this form will place you on our waitlist automatically. There is no timeline available for when your application might be screened. We have a long waiting list and memberships open as they become available. Please do not email us asking for an update on your application, as we do not know. 

If you put minimal effort into this application and aren't detailed in your responses, do not expect a response back from us with an invitation to join. We offer our members a lot of freedom and require a comprehensive understanding of the safety and manipulation of firearms, so if we do not see that in your application, we will move on to the next application. 

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